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Many customers who try our DAGREWA blankets for the first time say to us “You can’t describe it with simple words. I don’t know what it is, but it feels good. It’s as if I’ve found my way to myself and achieving this after a short period of relaxation” or say with a big smile “I feel embraced and safe”.

Experience for yourself the feeling of relaxation, strengthening of inner strength and the balance to yourself.


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The spiral as a symbol for our products symbolizes the way from the inner life to the outer soul. The spiral symbol on the products simply represents the epitome of growth, development and energy that we offer our customers.

This energy has a different effect on each person. Customers report a calmer and more pleasant sleep feeling, reduced snoring noises and a relaxed awakening the next morning.

DAGREWA can support when you have:

  • backaches
  • tensions
  • headaches
  • exhaustion
  • insomnia
  • turbulence
  • heavy legs
  • swollen legs bouncy pains
  • cold feet
  • general malaise
  • migraine
  • depressions
  • Restless legs and many other everyday challenges

However, it does not replace the advice of a medical consultation

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At the beginning you are usually skeptical about a new thing. Be open and curious and test the product. You will be enthusiastic!

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Salt grotto

DAGREWA in salt grotto

You can test the DAGREWA blanket in the salt grotto



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