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    The most important thing for us is that you have a healthy and good sleep. You wake up refreshed in the morning and start the day with positive energy. Critical factors for your restful sleep is the quality of the sleep products, such as the slatted frame, the mattress, the duvet and the pillow which adapt to your body and your heat sensation. Your Bettenhaus Schmidt is available to you as a professional partner and competent consultant. Please feel free to contact us for any questions regarding health and sleep comfort.
    Our DAGREWA articles support the bedding products outside the subject of sleeping products. Our DAGREWA products promote the well-being of your body. If you need to walk or stand on your feet for a long time or if have long journeys by car every day, our DAGREWA blankets, pillows and soles can help you to accomplish your task with less physical discomfort.

Our Philosophy

    The ideal of living and working together with nature and human determines our core values of how we produce, market and sell our products.
    We offer products of the highest quality; most of them are manufactured 100% according to our strict and high quality specifications in Germany.

How it started

    The story started in 1925. Grandpa Heinrich travelled around Germany with wool and haberdashery to sell his craft product. His daughter-in-law, Gretchen and his son, Walter Schmidt, ran an agriculture and a textile shop. At that time their store was in Weiterhainer Strasse in Rüddingshausen, which they were able to operate successfully their small business for many years.
    The first generation of selling bed products is leaded by Helmuth Schmidt with his wife Annerose Schmidt since 1989 in Gießen. Since 2005, the second generation, Martin Schmidt, supports the family business.
    We appreciate and honor our ancestors for laying the first foundation stone for our business. We honor them with our brand name „DAGREWA“, which should mean:
    DA nke (Thank you)
    GR etchen
    WA lther

Our History

    As with the grandparents animals have found shelter and a home with the Schmidt family. Three goats and two ponies can be visted by our kids and adults during the opening hours. Our animals are happy about every visit. They welcome you in the courtyard of the family business.
    Beside the bed supply store and petting zoo, you can find since 2009, the unique salt cave of Giessen.
    Each breath provides valuable minerals and trace elements, which have a particularly beneficial effect on the entire human organism. In order to ensure the harmonization of minerals, the construction of the salt cave was build under strict quality controls.
    Many years of research passed by, in order to develop special products for our valued customers. Various locations has been visited to potential manufacturers, as well as to convince ourselves of the quality standard of the cooperation partners.
    In 2015 the brandname „DAGREWA“ was developed and patented. Since then, we successfully distribute and sell the products across Europe.
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