“Our aim is to develop products of the highest quality that bring the greatest possible benefit to the customer.

It is important for us to know how our clients spend each night. We offer our customers products that enable them to have a restful sleep and wake up much more relaxing.

Promoting sleep situation and supporting good health to our customer is important to us. “

– Helmuth Schmidt –

Martin, Annerose Helmuth Schmidt


The history goes back to the year 1925. Grandpa Heinrich travelled Germany with wool and haberdashery and thus sold his handicraft product. His daughter-in-law Gretchen and his son, Walter Schmidt, ran an agricultural business and a textile shop. At that time in the Weitershainer Strasse in Rüddingshausen. This small shop was managed successfully for many years.

The first generation of Betten Schmidt Gießen has been run by Helmuth Schmidt with his wife Annerose Schmidt since 1989.

Since 2005 the second generation, Martin Schmidt, supports the family business.

With passion and heart, the Schmidt family is proud to have been active in the textile and bedding business for 94 years.

Photo from left: Martin, Annerose & Helmuth Schmidt


“Years of research has been followed to develop a special product for our customers”, says Martin Schmidt. Various locations were visited to optimize the manufacturing process and to ensure the quality requirements of the cooperation partners.

In 2015 the “DAGREWA” brand was developed and patented. Since then, they  promote and sell the products in Europe. In the beginning there were only blankets and pillows, now they successfully sell T-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies and the latest creation – Swiss stone pine products with the DAGREWA logo – are top seller products.

“We are pleased that our products appeals to all age groups and meet the high quality requirements of our customers. “

– Martin Schmidt –


We thank our ancestors, who have set the first foundations for us, with our brand “DAGREWA”, which means for us:
DA nke (Thank you)

GRE chen &

WA alther


Everything is going to be all right

Picture from the left: Walther & Gretechen Schmidt baking bread

“We support local farmers and producers. We get the goose feathers for filling our pillows from a farm in our region. And the DAGREWA blankets are made in Germany.

When choosing our suppliers, we want to ensure the quality and promotion of our region. ”

– Annerose Schmidt –

Photo from left: Annerose Schmidt with family dog Gustav


100% Customer Satisfaction
We are always aiming to satisfy our customers. That is always our goal! Our family tradition in the trade and production of home textiles and bedding dates back to 1925
We offer professional consultation in our shop and by telephone. Many satisfied customers have found the right DAGREWA product for them through our cosultation.
Best quality products
We offer best quality products manufactured in Germany at a fair price.