The spiral - a mysterious symbol

The spiral is an ancient and mysterious symbol of the Celts. However, it is still unclear what exactly it means. Due to the frequent depiction, especially on tombs, it can be assumed that it must have been a particularly important and spiritual symbol.

The spiral in detail is supposed to symbolize the life of the soul

Clockwise: The clockwise spiral

For the Celts, the spiral that runs clockwise (clockwise) stands for water, power, beginning, opening and movement in all things. The origin lies in the middle and runs outwards.


This symbolism can also be found in the TAO (ancient Chinese philosophy and worldview). In TAO, the right-handed spiral is a sign of creation. From one point the light (= all existence) spreads to the outside.

Counterclockwise: Left-handed spiral

The spiral on the other hand, which runs counterclockwise (left-handed), symbolizes the end. In this case, the spiral does not go outside, but inside, we return to our origin.

In TAO, the left-handed spiral is a sign to return to unity. The path leads from the outside back to the middle. So it leads back to ourselves and brings us into unity with the whole universe.

A special form of the symbol is the double spiral

Here, the left- and the right-handed spiral merge into each other and form a unit. The path leads from the origin to an ever greater extent and from there back to the beginning.


Through the symbol of beginning and end at the same time, everything comes back into balance.

Human being consists of 70% water

At birth, the human body is 95 percent water. In adulthood, however, the proportion drops to “only” almost 70 percent, since the ability to store water decreases with increasing age.

Water is reacting

Masaru Emoto was a well-known Japanese para-scientist and alternative physician in the 90’s. He was able to prove through his studies that water can absorb and store the influences of thoughts, feelings and words.

DAGREWA is changing the water structure

Among other things, the DAGREWA double spiral changes the water structure in our body and helps us to find the harmony and balance to ourself.