Hello, Mr. Schmidt, I finally took the time today to say thank you. About half a year ago I had a pleasantly open conversation with you about the general well-being of the family. Among other things, we also talked about the sleep disorders of my wife, who unfortunately sleeps very restlessly. She wakes up every 2 hours and then falls asleep only badly again. Furthermore, she often had back pain and hip problems. This meant that we were more and more tired, broken and had a bad night’s sleep in the morning. They replied that you had the ideal solution for us. They drove into their shop and came back with a blanket that they said had healing powers and would help against all our problems. Since I couldn’t explain how this could work, I just smiled. Since we had already tried many things, I was persuaded by them to buy this miracle blanket with the infinite circles. I didn’t believe in it. I then gave this blanket to my wife, who was very open to this healing effect, and immediately tried it out. And now I would like to thank you, after only a few days my wife’s insomnia, back pain and hip problems have been significantly reduced. We are now fit and well rested in the morning. You have not only convinced my wife, but now also me of this healing effect. Therefore we bought a 2nd blanket and gave away another one with conviction. Thank you, thank you, thank you we will gladly recommend you and your business. See you soon,