Hello dear Mr Schmidt,

I have an amazing phenomenon to tell you. At my last order, you gave me 2 spiral cards. We both talked about it on the phone yesterday. I have had an ingenious experience of sharing it with others. I’ve been hearing on the L ear hearing for years and a hearing impairment. It should not be forgotten that this can also be the moment Begeitenscheinungen in this violent time (light language, etc.) Now I laid down this energy spiral card along the body last night and held my (Reiki) hand on it. I did not believe it this morning (you do not always focus on it), and what can I say? The noise is totally gone !!!!!!!!! The symbol is just awesome, because I already work so much with the light crystals by Jutta Pangratz (from the light language). I will continue to tell you about what’s going to happen. This is “the future of new healing”. I have not taken anything for a while, because it works, too. Bach flowers put on a picture of me. Everything is VIBRATION and you only have to enter it mentally. I also own the big blanket with this symbol. Currently this is one of my wonderful ELSA (cat), she needs it. Proof enough, not ???????? Now enough of the words.

Love bright greetings,