DAGREWA stone pine ball with carafe




DAGREWA stone pine ball with carafe
The Dagrewa pine ball decorates the shapely 1 litre glass carafe of the Riedel glass, daughter company form the firm Spiegelau. Extra thin, shapely, robust, dishwasher safe.
The Dagrewa Zirbenkugel aromatizes your water with the taste of the Zirbe.

Fill the glass carafe to just below the constriction with water, then place the Dagrewa Swiss stone pine ball on the water carafe.
The stone pine ball must not touch the water. Depending on the carafe, the Dagrewa Swiss stone pine ball closes the top of the container. Raise the stone pine ball slightly to pour out – when you refill the carafe, take it out. The essential oils in the stone pine wood give off the taste and smell of the stone pine to your drinking water.
– From 15 min : light taste and a hint of aroma.
– From 30 min : medium taste and a well perceptible aroma.
– From 45 min : intense taste and strong aroma.

Product data
– 1 litre design water carafe from SPIEGELAU, extra thin glass, increased breaking strength, dishwasher safe
– 70 mm Dagrewa ball genuine Swiss stone pine, hand finished with the Dagrewa double spiral
– microfiber cloth
– lovingly packed in an attractive gift box


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