DAGREWA stone pine ball




The stone pine is an exceptional tree, which only grows from an altitude of 1500 m above sea level. It is called the “Queen of the Alps”. Since time immemorial, the inhabitants of the Alpine region have appreciated the special characteristics of this wonderful tree and knew how to use it.
The untreated and refined Swiss stone pine ball with engraving of the Dagrewa double spiral closes the carafe, protects the contents and enriches the water with a pleasant smell and taste. Enjoy sip for sip a piece of nature.

The stone pine ball and the special aroma of stone pine:
If you place the stone pine ball on the water jug for about 15 minutes, it gives off its aroma and taste to the water, which creates a unique taste experience. The aromas are best appreciated at room temperatures. They create an extraordinary water aroma.
Simply place the DAGREWA Swiss stone pine ball on the water carafe provided for this purpose and leave it on the water carafe according to the desired intensity of taste. The DAGRWA Zirbenkugel should not touch the water.
– From 15 min : light taste and a hint of aroma.
– From 30 min : medium taste and a well perceptible aroma.


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