DAGREWA Stone Pine Pillow 18×30 cm




The Stone pine plant, also called “”Queen of the Alps””, is at home the high alpine. At altitudes of up to almost 3000 meters despite the wind, weather and eisegen temperatures and is up to 1000 years old. Scientific studies have proven that the stone pine gives these special talents which it experiences in the mountains such as serenity, indomacility and vital resistance, as well as human well-being. The balms and essential oils stored in their wood have miraculous sensory-physiological qualities.

The pine cushions are simply taken to bed. The body heat unfolds the aromatic Zirbendurft. It is comparable to a walk on a forest on a summer evening: one breathes and the pleasant relaxation fills the body. In combination with the double spiral, the stone pine cushion can provide inner peace and better sleep. It has specific anitbacterial, fungotoxic and biocidal properties (against moths and molds!).

Application: Place the stone pine pillow in your bed near the head, next to your desk or at your desk
Tip: The pine scent can always be refreshed by dripping a little pine oil on the Swiss stone pine chips.
Color: Beige with terra brown pattern
Size: 18 x 30 cm


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