DAGREWA Swiss stone pine cube set with oil




The original DAGREWA pine cube combined with pine flakes and the pine oil for refreshing are a must for every nature lover. Placed in a suitable place (e.g. at the bedside table in the bedroom, in the children’s room or in the living room), place a few of the supplied Swiss stone pine flakes in the round cut-out provided and drizzle with a drop of Swiss stone pine oil. Within a very short time the pleasantly fragrant scent spreads and creates a calming and natural room climate.

The advantages of the Swiss stone pine cube set

  • Shell milling for Swiss stone pine flakes, integrated bottle holder
  • 100% natural essential Swiss stone pine oil
  • DAGREWA double spiral engraving
  • 75mm Zirbenquader as powerful aroma giver
  • Easy care and cleaning
  • Safe, hygienic application
  • Fragrant attractive decorative piece for the office, living room and bedroom



  • The cube and the Swiss stone pine flakes smell of the valuable essential essences of the Swiss stone pine wood.
  • For more intensive or refreshing 2-3- of the valuable Swiss stone pine oil dribble on the Swiss stone pine flakes and let take effect


Product information

  • 75mm ZirbenWürfel with milling for Zirbenflocken and oil bottles
  • 10g Swiss stone pine flakes
  • 10ml 100% natural, steam distilled, ethereal and high quality produced Swiss stone pine oil
  • attractive gift box


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