DAGREWA Water Carafe with Swiss stone pine ball and gemstone stick




DAGREWA Water Carafe with Swiss stone pine ball and gemstone stick
Original DAGREWA pine ball with gemstone stick. The gemstone stick combines the elements water, gemstone and stone pine.
The DAGREWA double spiral makes this carafe to a unique Accesoire. Up to now gemstones were often placed directly in the water and had to be cleaned. Despite careful cleaning, however, stones regularly release substances that are drunk in the traditional way.
The Swiss stone pine ball stick is manufactured under strict quality criteria. The special glass stick is filled with hand-picked gemstones and refined with the DAGREWA Swiss stone pine ball.

The advantages of your Dagrewa pine ball and gemstone stick
– Easy care and cleaning
– Safe, hygienic application
– No germination of the gemstones
– No stone splinters
– 70 mm diameter, powerful aroma generator incl. Dagrewa double spiral engraving
– Fragrant, attractive decorative piece for the office, living room and study, reception …
Fill the glass carafe to just below the constriction with water, then pour the Dagrewa Gemstone Wand with the glass part down into the water carafe.
The stone pine ball must not touch the water. Depending on the carafe, the Dagrewa zirbenkugel closes the vessel at the top. Raise the gemstone stick slightly for pouring – when you refill the carafe, take it out and wipe it with the microfiber cloth. The essential oils in the pine wood give off the taste and smell of the pine to your drinking water.
– From 15 min : Light taste and a hint of fragrance.
– From 30 min : medium taste and a well perceptible aroma.
– From 45 min : intense taste and strong aroma.
Product data:
– 1 litre design water carafe from SPIEGELAU
– extra thin glass
– increased breaking strength
– Dishwashers suitable
– 70 mm Dagrewa ball genuine pine wood
– manually refined with the Dagrewa double spiral
– hardened special glass rod with hematite ring socket
– filled with 3 gemstones (rose quartz, amethyst, rock crystal)
– microfiber cloth
– lovingly packed in an attractive gift box


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