What our Clients are saying

W. Eckhardt, Lahnau

“I had headaches at night with tension in my neck, when I put on my Dagrewa pillow it was better without tablets.” Thank you very much. W. Eckhardt, Lahnau

Gabriele N.

Hello dear Mr Schmidt, I have an amazing phenomenon to tell you. At my last order, you gave me 2 spiral cards. We both talked about it on the phone yesterday. I have had an ingenious experience of sharing it with others. I’ve been hearing on the L ear hearing for years and a hearing…

Susanne .K. Bremen

Dear Helmuth, Here I send you the photos of the tulip experiment. The first four pictures I have on 24.3. added. The left tulip consumed more water and withered faster. The right tulip, under which I had placed one of your cards, needed less…

Brigitte S. aus Wels – Österreich

Dear Family Schmidt I just bought the 3rd blanket from you. A miracle product. I put them on my mattress as a sheet for my son, without which I said anything. After a few days, he said to me, “Mom since a few days I sleep” voi guat ” Great blanket – a miracle blanket

— Bruno K.

Hello, Mr. Schmidt, I finally took the time today to say thank you. About half a year ago I had a pleasantly open conversation with you about the general well-being of the family. Among other things, we also talked about the sleep disorders of my wife, who unfortunately sleeps very restlessly. She wakes up every…

— Kathrin O., Fernwald

I bought the DAGREWA blanket for my son Mio because I liked the pattern so much, but not on the assumption that it would be very successful. Our son was very snuffy & coughed a lot. He has already received everything on medication for 3 weeks. The nebulisation room in the salt cave Giessen solved…

— Lisa R., Langgöns

Despite my daily back exercises, when I got up I had back pain every morning. After the 1st night on the DAGREWA blanket ( and incredible 9 hours lying down ) I had no complaints and I had no pain in my vortex.

— Ratchanee B., Buseck

I always had problems falling asleep, woke up in the middle of the night and could hardly fall asleep again. Since I have the spiral blanket, I can sleep through every night and have beautiful dreams.

— W. Eckhardt, Lahnau

“During night time, I had tension in my neck and I had also headache. When I lay down on my Dagrewa pillow, it felt better without using any medicines.” Thank you very much.

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The DAGREWA blankets can be tested in the salt grotto. Listen what our customers are saying

Dina from USA

„It was a nice experience in the salz grotto. My mind has cleared up, breathing ok..perfectly! And very relaxing. I felt asleep.“

Glendine from USA:

„I liked the relaxing feeling of 45 minutes“

Johannes Klein von TV Hüttenberg Handball:

“It was my first time in the salt grotto today. I can definitely recommend it. It is relaxing for the whole body and for the respiratory tract. “

The Giessen salt grotto is the official health partner of the handball team, TV Hüttenberg